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United As One!

May 2022

The Chipsleys X Snow City Singapore

The Chipsleys : The Journey Continues.

Two years have passed since the Covid pandemic started. Initial fears still lingered, and the feeling of uncertainty is still in the air. The Chipsleys knew that a voice of assurance was needed to calm the situation. They set out on their next journey as a family.

Into the tiny red dot they came. Where we call home, that is Singapore. The Chipsleys had a mission. To keep everyone’s spirits up admist the pandemic. They knew that the the only way to achieve this was through inculcating a cohesive community, one that is united from all fronts; family and friends alike.

The community was stressed. Many had their income affected. Relationships were strained, many were working harder than before, some neglected their family and friends as a result of this. The young ones were oblivious to the pandemic. Many just didn’t care anymore. Something had to be done. But first, The Chipsleys needed to escape the tropical heat. A cool place would be welcoming.

Snow City Singapore was the apt location. What better way to spread the message of love and unity that to be in a place they are familiar with, a place with the climate they call home. The Chipsleys went right off to work. They knew they had to encourage the public on the importance of keeping themselves safe from the pandemic. Basics like sanitizing, and keeping one’s face mask on in the public has to be emphasized on, especially to the young ones.

And no, it does not stop there. The community needed to de-stress a little. They have to ensure that work remains an enjoyable and fruitful daily experience. Chipsley himself couldn’t wait to share a thing or two he has learnt, like breathing techniques and how to look the other way when things gets heated.

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